Downloadable Kid’s Mindful Affirmation Cards



This is a downloadable, PDF version of our affirmation cards for kids. (Updated in September 2021.)

These simple yet visually appealing affirmation cards are versatile depending on your needs!

  • Perfect for putting up positive reminders around the house- on the mirror, on the door, in a wallet, lunchbox, backpack, etc.
  • Shuffle through them with your child as you practice mindful deep breathing, for a tactile, guided meditation.
  • Makes a great gift for baby showers, back to school, stocking stuffer, bereavement gift, or family activity.

This is a digital download. The PDF file contains 24 affirmation cards plus extra, blank write-on cards. These cards print 9 on a page, and are pocket- sized. Print them on plain or colored cardstock, cut them, bind them, hole punch them, or rubber band a deck together. Do anything that works for you!

Printing Instructions: In print settings, make sure to choose Two-sided printing. This will ensure that the logo is printed on the back of each affirmation, and not as a separate card.

You may print this pdf file as many times as you wish, and may share/ gift the physical cards with others. You may not sell the digital file. Please do not sell cards you print yourself unless you have purchased a separate license to do so. Thank you for respecting my intellectual property and my small business. <3 Enjoy your affirmation cards!

We also offer downloadable affirmations geared toward parents! Check them out here.


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