Releasing Body Shame Guided Meditation Script



hands on heart meditation position for releasing body shameReleasing Body Shame Guided Meditation Script

How do you begin the process of healing the way you think about your body? For many of us, our social programming runs deep. This is especially true for women. It can be difficult to un-learn negative lessons that we received as children and teens. Letting go of the shame we feel about our bodies is a long- term journey. To be successful, we need to bring self- compassion along as our travel companion. I hope that this guided meditation will help to lovingly assist you as you embark on that journey. (Or, if you are already en route, that it will prove a useful navigational support.)

This listing is for the written script of my frequently- requested guided meditation on releasing body shame, also sometimes called ‘Waking up in your body for the first time’. It is available as a downloadable, 5- page PDF document.

This meditation takes approximately15 minutes, +/- 5 minutes depending on your own reading speed and any added pauses you would like to add within the meditation.

This guided meditation script is copyrighted for personal use only. I ask that you don’t publish it, post it, sell it, or distribute it. However, you are free to use it in groups, at events, etc. with proper attribution (i.e. please give me credit!). Thanks for supporting my small business! <3

I also offer some meditation scripts for free on the WGM blog, like this script for a progressive relaxation body scan, and occasionally on social media.


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