Meditation in Action – Chogyam Trungpa

Book Info:

Meditation in Action, by Chogyam Trungpa (Afterward by Sam Bercholz). Available as eBook, paperback (112 pages), or audiobook (3 hours, 18 minutes).

So in order to achieve silence, you would not chase the birds away because they make noise; in order to be still, you would not stop the movement of air or the rushing river, but accept them.


So you have a meditation practice and have enjoyed the good vibes during that practice. Now what? How do you take that meditative acceptance and peace with you into your relationships? During road rage? In your life? How do you carry the calm of meditation throughout life when life is anything but calm? Meditation In Action has insights into both carrying that meditative transformation with you throughout your day as well as gaining greater peace and clarity in life. While being altogether very insightful and profound, occasionally an analogy will become so complex that it becomes confusing to the reader.

Things to Know:

  • This book is not an introduction to meditation, the author assumes a basic understanding of mindfulness and meditative principles when beginning this book.
  • While interesting, at times the analogies or symbols become complex and can be confusing to the reader.

The Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a meditative book with new insights and information as to how to bring bridge the gap between your meditation practice and your life, Meditation in Action is a great book to read. Be prepared to pause and digest certain parts of the book that may be confusing, but regardless of those passages, there is much to be learned from this book.

The Verdict:

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