Book Info:

The Anatomy of Peace – Resolving the Heart of Conflict by The Arbinger Institute. Available as eBook, paperback (288 pages), or audiobook (6 hours, 5 minutes).

“Difficult people are nevertheless people, and it always remains in my power to see them that way.”


The Anatomy of Peace demonstrates how to have a heart at peace even in times of war (literally or figuratively) through a fictional story about struggling parents and teenagers. As their teenagers set out on a two month long wilderness survival program- essentially a last-chance behavior modification program, a group of parents with very different backgrounds take part in a two day workshop to understand the things their children will be taught. The discussion tackles weighty subjects such as parent- child relationships, marriage relationships, racial strife, workplace culture, and gender issues.

Things to know:

  • I enjoyed the story format for teaching pretty deep concepts.
  • This book doesn’t have a gripping plotline, but it is still engaging because you are able to turn the lessons inward and experience a paradigm shift about the way you see the world.
  • The book gives the reader a tangible understanding of how to “be the change”- however that manifests in your life.
  • There are several diagrams and drawings in the book that might be harder to conceptualize if you are listening to the audiobook. However, the diagrams are available as a free download on The Arbinger Institute’s website.

The Bottom Line:

The Anatomy of Peace would be helpful for anyone experiencing conflict in relationships (and who doesn’t, at times?). The story is relevant for families, the workplace, politics, and societal issues.

The Verdict:

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